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English Idiom

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English Idiom
1. 一了百了 get it over and done with
2. 一无所长 have no special skill
3. 一无所获 have gained nothing
4. 一五一十 in full detail
5. 一文不值 of no use whatsoever
6. 一心一意 with undivided attention
7. 一目了然 leap to the eye
8. 一叶知秋 The falling of one leaf heralds the autumn.
9. 一丘之貉 be tarred with the same brush
10. 一帆风顺 go off without a hitch
11. 一字之差 the change of one word
12. 一时兴起 by fits and snatches
13. 一针见血 hit the right nail on the head
14. 一言为定 That 's settled then.
15. 一应俱全 Everything needed is there.
16. 一张一弛 alternate tension with relaxation
17. 一纸空文 a mere scrap of paper
18. 一事无成 All have ended in smoke.
19. 一鸣惊人 come as a bombshell
20. 一败涂地 bite the dust
21. 一知半解 have scanty knowledge
22. 一刻千金 Every minute counts.
23. 一览无遗 in full view
24. 一星半点 a tiny bit
25. 一举两得 kill two birds with one stone
26. 一语道破 hit the mark with a single comment
27. 一笑置之 laugh out of court
28. 一窍不通 be Greek to one
29. 一诺千金 as good as one's word
30. 一清二楚 as clear as crystal
31. 一落千丈 go to pot
32. 一朝一夕 in one day
33. 一筹莫展 be at one's wit's end
34. 一意孤行 go one's own way
35. 一蹴而就 make it at onea stroke
36. 十万火急 be in hot haste

37. 十年寒窗 persevere ten years in one's studies in spite of hardships
38. 十全十美 be perfect in every way
39. 十拿九稳 have...in the bag
40. 七上八下 be great upset
41. 七窍生烟 in a great fury
42. 七零八落 go to reck and ruin
43. 八面玲珑 dance and sing all weathers
44. 人山人海 a sea of faces
45. 人之常情 human nature
46. 人云亦云 echo one's words
47. 人心不古 Human hearts are not what they were in the old days.
48. 人去楼空 When the master was absent,his mansion was dead.
49. 人各有志 Every one has his own ambition.
50. 人多智广 More people means more ideas.
51. 人多嘴杂 Agreement is difficult if there are too many people.
52. 人困马乏 The entire force was exhausted.
53. 人言可畏 Opinion rules the world.
54. 人穷志短 poverty chills ambition
55. 人定胜天 Man can conquer nature.
56. 人面兽心 a wolf in sheep's clothing
57. 人情世故 the way of the world
58. 入乡随俗 Do in Rome as the Romans do.
59. 入木三分 give a vivid picture of cut to the quick
60. 九牛一毛 a drop in the bucket
61. 九死一生 have a close brush with death
62. 力不从心 One's spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
63. 力挽狂澜 stem the tide
64. 了无瓜葛 have nothing to do with
65. 三番两次 time after time
66. 三缄其口 hold one's peace
67. 于事无补 be of little avail
68. 大刀阔斧 go the whole hog
69. 大功告成 come off with honors
70. 大同小异 be much of muchness
71. 大言不惭 blow one's own trumpet
72. 大快朵颐 eat one's fill
73. 大海捞针 look for a needle in a haystack
74. 大智若愚 Still waters run deep.

75. 寸步不离 keep...at one's elbow
76. 口若悬河 talk nine words at once
77. 口是心非 speak with one's tongue in one's cheek
78. 口蜜腹剑 A honey tongue, a heart of gall.
79. 千变万化 The unexpected always happens.
80. 千钧一发 at the critical time
81. 千载难逢 It only happens once in a blue moon.
82. 千锤百炼 A good nail does not fear the hammer.
83. 久别情疏 Out of sight, out of mind.
84. 小题大做 fuss about trifles
85. 夫唱妇随 A good Jack makes a good Jill.
86. 天衣无缝 fit like a glove
87. 天经地义 a matter of course
88. 天涯海角 ends of the earth
89. 支离破碎 torn to pieces
90. 不义之财 ill-gotten money
91. 不可一世 as proudvain as a peacock
92. 不可救药 beyond remedy
93. 不由自主 in spite of oneself
94. 不厌其烦 take the trouble
95. 不自量力 go beyond one's depth
96. 不声不响 as quiet as a mouse
97. 不识抬举 Bring a cow to the hall and she will run to the byre.
98. 不择手段 by hook or by crook
99. 不知死活 heedless of consequences
100. 不知好歹 don't know chalk from cheese
101. 不屈不挠 keep one's chin up
102. 不耻下问 be not above asking questions
103. 不速之客 a gate-crasher
104. 不偏不倚 hold the scales even
105. 不假思索 speak impromptu
106. 不谋而合 see eye to eye
107. 不期而遇 come across
108. 不遗余力 leave no avenue unexplored
109. 不翼而飞 vanish from sight
110. 匹夫之勇 courage without discipline
111. 比比皆是 here and there and everywhere
112. 切肤之痛 No one knows where the shoe pinches like the wearer.

113. 日薄西山 one's days are numbered
114. 毛骨悚然 make one's hair stand on end
115. 化险为夷 weather the storm
116. 斤斤计较 strain an gnat
117. 分文不值 not worth a dump
118. 分身乏术 One can't be in two places at once.
119. 分秒必争 Every minute counts.
120. 分道扬镳 go separate ways
121. 六亲不认 cut loose from old ties
122. 文不对题 be wide of the mark
123. 火上浇油 pour oil on the flame
124. 心力交瘁 burn the candle at both ends
125. 心不在焉 be absent-minded
126. 心甘情愿 of one's own accord
127. 心有余悸 A burned child dreads the fire.
128. 心灰意冷 be in black despair
129. 心血来潮 on the impulse of the moment
130. 心安理得 have the peace of mind
131. 心花怒放 one's heart sings with joy
132. 心旷神怡 feel on top of the world
133. 心直口快 frank and out-spoken
134. 心猿意马 carry fire in one hand and water in the other
135. 心满意足 to one's heart's content
136. 引以为荣 plume oneself on
137. 引狼入室 set a fox to keep the geese
138. 以身作则 set a good example forto others
139. 以卵击石 throw a straw against the wind
140. 以和为贵 A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit.
141. 以柔克刚 Willows are weak yet they bind other wood.
142. 以德报怨 return good for evil
143. 水乳交融 be hand andin glove with
144. 水性杨花 unstable as water
145. 水深火热 be in deep water
146. 水落石出 The truth will out.
147. 未老先衰 decrepit before one's age
148. 未雨绸缪 lay up against a rainy day
149. 功败垂成 a slip betwixt cup and the lip
150. 甘之如饴 smack one's lips

151. 甘拜下风 play second fiddle
152. 世外桃源 Utopia
153. 本末倒置 put the cart before the horse
154. 可歌可泣 set one in a melting mood
155. 左右逢源 Everything goes well.
156. 石沉大海 sink into oblivion
157. 平分秋色 in equal terms with
158. 平白无故 without rhyme or reason
159. 平步青云 make a smashing hit
160. 平易近人 easy to get along with
161. 打抱不平 take up the cudgel for another
162. 打草惊蛇 wake a sleeping dog
163. 目不识丁 an illiterate
164. 目光短浅 see no further than one's nose
165. 目瞪口呆 be tongue-tied
166. 史无前例 without precedent in history
167. 四面八方 in all directions
168. 四海为家 here today and gone tomorrow
169. 生龙活虎 alive and kicking
170. 仗势欺人 pull rank on someone
171. 付之一炬 commit to the flames
172. 白手起家 start from scratch
173. 令人发指 make one's hair stand on end
174. 令人咋舌 take one's breath away
175. 半斤八两 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
176. 半信半疑 half in doubt
177. 头头是道 clear and logical
178. 永垂不朽 eternally immortal
179. 司空见惯 order of the day
180. 出人头地 come to the fore
181. 出口成章 One's tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
182. 出尔反尔 go back on one's word
183. 出类拔萃 tower above the rest
184. 老气横秋 lacking in youthful vigor
185. 毕恭毕敬 cap in hand
186. 问心无愧 feel no qualms upon self- examination
187. 兴高采烈 in great delight
188. 设身处地 put oneself in 's position

189. 吞吞吐吐 hesitate in speech
190. 老之不易 hard earned
191. 来日方长 There will be ample time.
192. 来龙去脉 cause and effect
193. 快马加鞭 spur on the flying horse
194. 完美无缺 leave nothing to be desired
195. 识文断字 be able to read
196. 学无止境 Knowledge is infinite.
197. 烂醉如泥 be as drunk as a lord
198. 如飞猛进 advance rapidly
199. 突如其来 come all of a sudden
200. 退避三舍 retreat to avoid a conflict
201. 徒劳无功 work to no avail
202. 脍炙人口 be on everybody 's lips
203. 狼吞虎咽 gobble up
204. 浪迹天涯 roaming freely all over the world
205. 袖手旁观 stand by with folder arms
206. 黄粱美梦 fond dream
207. 唯利是图 be bent solely on profit
208. 脱口而出 blurt out
209. 望子成龙 expect one's children to be talent
210. 望文生义 interpret without real understanding
211. 趁热打铁 strike while the iron is hot
212. 痛不欲生 grieve to the extent of wishing to die
213. 痛改前非 thoroughly rectify one's errors
214. 痛定思痛 draw a lesson from a bitter experience
215. 微不足道 not worth mentioning
216. 滥竽充数 be there just to make up the member
217. 蔚然成风 become the order of the day
218. 稳操胜券 have full assurance of success









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