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1、 Honesty:
(1)Washington and the Cherry Tree
When George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like
most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything that came his way.
One day, as he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother's pea sticks, he
found a beautiful, young English cherry tree, of which his father was most proud. He tried the
edge of his hatchet on the trunk of the tree and barked it so that it died.
Some time after this, his father discovered what had happened to his favorite tree. He came into
the house in great anger, and demanded to know who the mischievous person was who had cut
away the bark. Nobody could tell him anything about it.
Just then George, with his little hatchet, came into the room.

garden? I would not have taken five guineas for it!''
This was a hard question to answer, and for a moment George was staggered by it, but quickly
recovering himself he cried:

The anger died out of his father's face, and taking the boy tenderly in his arms, he said:

though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!''
(2) The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Wolf Is Coming 狼来了
A shepherd-boy, who watched a flock of sheep near a village, brought out the villagers three
or four times by crying out,
them for their pains.
The Wolf, however, did truly come at last. The Shepherd-boy, now really alarmed, shouted in
an agony of terror:
any heed to his cries, nor rendered any assistance. The Wolf, having no cause of fear, at his leisure
lacerated or destroyed the whole flock.

2、Persistence Confidence OptimismHope: Robert Bruce and the Spider
There was once a king of Scotland whose name was Robert Bruce. The king of Engl
and was at war with him and had led a great army into Scotland to conquer the land an
d the people.
Bruce fought the enemy most bravely. Six times he led his brave little army against
his enemy; and six times his men were defeated. At last he was forced to hide himself i
n the mountains.
One day, feeling tired and sick at heart, he lay on the ground under a farmhouse. H
e was ready to give up all hope for it seemed to him that it was no use fighting any lon
As he lay thinking, he saw a spider over his head, getting ready to weave her web.
He watched her as she worked slowly and with great care. Six times she tried to throw h
er thread from one beam to another, and six times she failed.
thing!said Bruce. too know what it is to fail.
But the spider did not lose hope. With still more care, she made ready to try for the
seventh time. Bruce almost forgot his own troubles as he watched her struggling with th
e thin thread. Would she fail again? No! The thread was carried safely to the beam.
too, will try a seventh time!cried Bruce.
Inspired by the spirit of the spider, Bruce called his men together and made careful p
lans Soon another battle was fought. This time the king of England was beaten and driven
out of Scotland.
古代苏格兰有个国王名叫罗伯特·布鲁斯。在他统治苏格兰期间,英 格兰国王正向他发
斯六次率领军队 与敌人作战均以失败告终。最后,他的的信心溃散了,他的军队也溃散了,
他被迫躲进了一间废弃的茅屋 里。
劳 。当他正带着失望与悲哀躺在柴草床上的时候,他看见一只蜘蛛正在结网,为了取乐自己
并看蜘蛛如果对 付挫折,国王毁坏了它将要完成的网。蜘蛛并不注意它的灾害,反而继续工
作,打算再结一个新网。苏格 兰国王又把它的网破坏了,蜘蛛又开始结另一个网。
布鲁斯惊奇了。他自语道:“我被英格兰打败了六 次,我已经准备放弃战争了。假使我
把蜘蛛的网破坏六次,它是否也会放弃它的结网工作呢?”” 他毁坏了蜘蛛的网六次。但蜘蛛对这些灾难毫不介意,并没有因为六次失败而放弃,它
更加小心翼翼 地进行第七次的努力,终于它成功了。

“我也要去试第七次!” 布鲁斯叫了起来。他被这只蜘蛛感动了,他鼓起了勇气,召集一
支新的军队,并把这鼓舞人心的故事传颂 给那些已失去信心的臣民。决意再做一次奋斗,从
英格兰人的手里解放他的国家,它很谨慎而耐心地做着 准备,终于打了一次重要的胜仗,把

另外,持之以恒、勤能补拙也能用“The Tortoise and the Hare”(《龟兔赛跑》)来
3. Modesty: Newton
Isaac Newton is often regarded as the most influential scientist in history and the founder of
modern physics. However, he is quite modest—“, it is by standing on the
shoulders of giants.
被人们称颂为“力学之父”的牛顿发现了万有引力定律,在热学上,他确定了冷 却定律。在数
学上,他提出了“流数法”,建立了二项定理和莱布尼兹几乎同时创立了微积分学,开辟了 数
功 ,他谦虚地说:“如果我见的比笛卡尔要远一点,那是因为我站在巨人的肩上的缘故。”
他还对人说:“ 我只像一个海滨玩耍的小孩子,有时很高兴地拾着一颗光滑美丽的石子儿,

4. PhilanthropyLove: Mother Teresa Florence Nightingale

(1)Mother Teresa (1910-1997)特蕾莎修女
Mother Teresa devoted the majority of her life to helping the poorest of the poor in India, thus
gaining her the name of the devotion towards the poor won her respect
throughout the world and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She founded an order of nuns called the
Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, India dedicated to serving the poor. Almost 50 years later, the
Missionaries of Charity have grown from 12 sisters in India to over 3,000 in 517 missions
throughout 100 countries worldwide.

(2) Nightingale:南丁格尔
International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of
Florence Nightingale's birth. Florence Nightingale, who came to be known as

Florence Nightingale Famous for her work in the military hospitals of the Crimea, Nightingale
established nursing as a respectable profession for women.

Florence Nightingale was born on 12 May 1820, and named after the city of her birth. Her wealthy
parents were in Florence as part of a tour of Europe. In 1837, Nightingale felt that God was calling
her to do some work but wasn't sure what that work should be. She began to develop an interest in

nursing, but her parents continued it to be a profession inappropriate to a woman of her class and
background, and would not allow her to train as a nurse. They expected her to make a good
marriage and live a conventional upper class woman's life.

Nightingale's parents eventually relented and in 1851, she went to Kaiserwerth in Germany for
three months nursing training. This enabled her to become superintendent of a hospital for
gentlewomen in Harley Street, in 1853. The following year, the Crimean War began and soon
reports in the newspapers were describing the desperate lack of proper medical facilities for
wounded British soldiers at the front. Sidney Herbert, the war minister, already knew Nightingale,
and asked her to oversee a team of nurses in the military hospitals in Turkey. In November 1854,
she arrived in Scutari in Turkey. With her nurses, she greatly improved the conditions and
substantially reduced the mortality rate

She returned to England in 1856. In 1860 she established the Nightingale Training School for
nurses at St Thomas' Hospital in London. Once the nurses were trained, they were sent to hospitals
all over Britain, where they introduced the ideas they had learnt, and established nursing training
on the Nightingale model. Nightingale's theories, published in 'Notes on Nursing' (1860), were
hugely influential and her concerns for sanitation, military health and hospital planning
established practices which are still in existence today. She died on 13 August 1910.
5. Cooperation:
The Apollo 11 mission was the first human spaceflight to land on the Moon. As Neil
Armstrong declared on the surface of the moon, it is indeed “one small step for a man, a giant leap
for mankind”. For this small step, more than 300,000 people from around 20,000 enterprises, 200
universities and 80 research institute have worked hard for eleven years.

1969年7月16日,巨大的“土星5号”火箭载着“阿波罗11号”飞船从美国肯尼迪角发射场点< br>火升空,开始了人类首次登月的太空征程。美国宇航员尼尔·阿姆斯特朗、埃德温·奥尔德林、
迈 克尔·科林斯驾驶着阿波罗11号宇宙飞船跨过38万公里的征程,承载这全人类的梦想踏
上了月球表面 。这确实是一个人的小小一步,但是整个人类的伟大一步。他们见证了从地球
到月球梦想的实现,这一步 跨过了5000年的时光。

美国于20世纪印年代至70年代初组织实施的载人登月工程 ,或称“阿波罗”计划。它是世界
航天史上具有划时代意义的一项成就。工程开始于1961年5月,至 1972年12月第6次登
月成功结束,历时约11年,耗资255亿美元。在工程高峰时期,参加工程 的有2万家企业、

6. Patriotism: Chopin
The famous Polish composer Chopin insisted that his heart should be brought back to Poland
after his death, although he had been banished by the Polish government for years.

临终前,肖邦对妹妹柳德维卡说:“我死后 ,波兰反动政府是不会允许把我的遗体运回华沙
的。但你们至少要把我的心脏带回去。”肖邦病逝后,朋 友们按照他的遗嘱,在他的墓穴里
撒上了银杯里祖国的泥土,又把他的心脏带回华沙,保存在圣十字教堂 里。









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